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    The diplomatic exchange between Lebanon and Syria:
    "An historic declaration" and a qualitative change in the relations
    A positive impact on Syria's Arab and international relations
    Suleiman left a good impression on Saudi leaders
    Is the security coordination include the Syrian Opposition in Lebanon?!
    Jumblatt welcomes the Syrian step... But
    Is there any international or regional deal at Lebanon's expense?
    Hizbullah doesn't make any comment on a security issue
    and Nasrallah- Hariri meeting is suspended for political reasons
    Suleiman demanded that Wahhab stops attacking the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Levni informed Barak about his intention to suspend the Syrian path

    The coming dialogue is influenced by two important events that happened
    "Terror" introduces "the American- Syrian dialogue"
    and unclear concurrence in the Syrian- Israeli negotiations

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