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    Mahmoud Abbas:Was the Palestinian resettlement raised really in Jordan.Will the prolongation of his mandate be worse than that's of "Lahud".What is the surprise that Hamas is preparing for him in the beginning of the year in Gaza?!
    The Israeli strike on Iran is set aside for American reasons
    There is no Palestinian- Israeli agreement this year
    An American report about Hizbullah in Venezuela and Latin America
    "The mystery" of the sudden improvement between Jordan and Hamas
    The Middle East that is influenced by the crisis in Caucasus
    "The Russian bear" and the recent change in "the data, trends and the rules of the game"
    "The Salafist Movement" in Lebanon
    The fire in the European back garden Moscow offers a show of force and a rehabilitation An appropriate timing with US preoccupation with Iraq and Afghanistan The reasons: Kosovo independence, missile shield, Georgia and Ukraine membership of the NATO The results: Ossetia and Abkhasia separation- the revealed Soviet Republics- The NATO stumble The Russian President underestimates the US support and betting on it The United States made a mistake in joining Caucasus to "its interests" Washington doesn't anger Moscow and doesn't confront it because of "nuclear Iran"
    An Israeli campaign is focused on Hizbullah: An international pretension and dealing differently with Lebanon
    Syria: The regional role- the relations with the United States
    Turkey was out of danger
    "Geneve Gathering", is it the last warning or does it pave the way for dialogue and change?!
    A Syrian delegation to Washington: does the openness begin?!

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